Thursday, January 15, 2009

A bit more personal...

I realize that for many of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you know me. We're friends, so what I'm about to say may not be a shock to you, but I would like to expound on it anyway. Again, as most of you know, I joined Facebook last week and am both loving it, and totally addicted. I love being able to re-connect with people from my past as well as stay more current and updated with freinds in my present. It's been a wonderful tool and a real joy for me to use. But, I have begun to notice a trend. Of all the people that ask to be my "friend" on FB, only a handful of them actually communicate with me. Now, that may be just my experience, but it was one that I took note of.

Why is it that we are desperate to have friends, but aren't really that friendly? Is it just easier to click and link and send someone and e-vite to be your e-friend, than to put the wrench time into being a real friend? I have to admit, I have lost contact and not stayed in touch with my fair share of friends. Some because I no longer wanted to be friends with them, and others because we just naturally drifted apart. But, I began to ask my self this series of quesitons:

1. How many friends do I have?
2. Do my friends see my faith in action in my life?
3. How many people reflect back that faith, either in congruent faith, or respectful disagreement?

In my opinion, this final number is the number of people that I am actually touching with the gospel in my life. It was sad when I saw it for what it was. Even me, who I consider to be a rather friendly person, only touches a dozen or so lives with the gospel. That number is completely contingent upon my ability to make new friends and maintain my integrity and faith with them. So, in order to accomplish the Great Commission that Jesus left for us to do, we must be willing to step outside of our comfort zone sometimes and befriend some new people.

I believe the "Us four and no more" mentality has crippled the advance of the gospel in our lives today. We go to churches who many have unspoken prerequisites for attendance.

Dress this way.
Act this way.
Use these 'Christian' buzz words.
Don't do that.
Do this instead.

On and on the cycle goes until like I said last week, we become so isolated from our culture we are no longer relevant enough to affect it. Don't get me wrong, we must stand up for Biblical integrity and not make light of sin just to appeal to sinners. But, the reverse is also true, we must not make so much of sin, that sinners don't feel welcomed or loved.

"The line between tolerance and arrogance is razor thin, if you are not consciously trying to stay in the middle, you have already chosen a side."

- Just a thought.

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Crystal said...

This one hits home, too! I especially like the quote about tolerance and arrogance -- and the line just before that where you say we can't make light of sin or over-emphasize it either.