Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Frightening Freedom

As many of you know, I have being going through a transformation of faith over the past few months. When I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit, I followed as best I knew how. He has led me down a path that I can not come back from. I feel as though I am either Neo just unplugged from the Matrix, or Alice just laying eyes on Wonderland for the first time. I must also admit, this hasn't been an entirely enjoyable experience either.

There have been several days that I have questioned myself, my direction, and even if I have been able to hear the Holy Spirit. All because I asked a few questions. That shouldn't be so bad. Right? Well, it has been. Quite.

Most of you already know that I have been reading and studying the Organic model of church, and I have to say, the more I learn, the move I love it. But, it has led me to a place I didn't expect to be...

I feel ostracized and somewhat looked down upon from some of my church/ministry friends. That is a difficult reality for me to swallow. The same friends that I have been very close with, I now feel like I can't talk to. The people that gladly let me play and minister beside them in the context of traditional church, now think I'm the weird outsider.

This is what I mean by the frightening freedom. I feel very free and very close to the heart of God for His people and bride, but, at the same time I feel frightened and divided from my friends and old partners. This Freedom has come at a higher price than I originally anticipated, but I still can not look back.

I realize today's entry is not my usual, but I wanted to share my heart with you (and really with myself as well) and ask you a tough question...

Can you look at yourself, your faith, and your life and ask the tough questions?

If you can not, you are missing out of the real freedom that Christ came to give you.

- Just a thought.

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Melanie said...

If God gave us a road map that showed every pitfall and hurt along the way, what would be the purpose of faith? Surely he knows what's best for us. Understanding isn't a prerequisite for obedience. We do what Daddy says, 'cuase Daddy knows best.

Jesus wasn't a status-quo-kind-of-guy. He was a revolutionary. He asked the tough questioned and in the end was crucified for it. I doubt any of us have to worry about that kind of retaliation. Sometimes there can be a freedom in simply being peculiar.