Monday, November 17, 2008

The Hidden Agenda

David and Goliath. For most of us, these two simple names conjure up memories of children's church, coloring boards, and felt cut out figures. The names are still used today to refer to an unfairly matched opponent or team. Why does this story resonate with so many people? Simple. People love the underdog. We love to see the little guy win. The upset. The turnover. The drama.

But... as wonderful as this story is, if you only look at the battle in 1st Samuel 17, you only get part of the story. Yes, it might be the climax and most 'guy-action-movie-ish' part, but it's only one event in the story of the life of David. To see the grand design of God's handiwork in David's life you have to view it with a much wider lens.

In 1st Samuel 16, David is anointed King, but is not taken right to the throne. He is sent back into the fields to tend his father's sheep... (that's another post for another day). How must he have felt, the prophet of God comes to his house, passes over all of his brothers, and anoints him the next king. And then right back out to the field. This must have been a disappointment, now being king, and not seeing an ounce of chance in your day to day life... let's move forward.

Then David is sent by his father Jesse to deliver some food to his older brothers that are at war with the philistines. David wasn't even sent to the war as a solider, he was a messenger, and errand boy (again, for another day). David's anger with Goliath was not because he insulted himself, his king, his country, or his family, but because Goliath insulted the name of the Lord. David said that when he watched his father's sheep, he defended them from lion and bear with his hands. Bare hands! I"m sure when he was fighting the lion or bear he was not singing songs to God and worshiping him for honoring him with the privilege of fighting this hungry animal.

But, it was that fight that gave him the faith to stand against Goliath. There is a hidden agenda behind the whole story of the life of David. God is at work, behind the scenes, beautifully weaving the events together to carry David to his destiny... and the Father is doing the same for us as well.

It usually takes a wider lens and a lot of patience, but if you truly look at the events of your life, where God has brought you to and from, I believe that you will see the hidden agenda in the back story of your life as well.

"God is never caught off-guard, unaware, or by surprise. Just because He didn't tell us, doesn't mean that He is any less powerful or not in control."

- Just a thought

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Misty said...

It is so wonderful to be assured that our God who loves us perfectly is also in complete control! He is the Master Weaver and it so exciting to look for His handiwork in our lives!