Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Sides to Every Coin...

"In John 3:1-20 Jesus tells Nicodemus that "...no one can come into the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the spirit...". This establishes from the moment of salvation we are living as a dually-born creature. Having two births, with two natures, and two different citizenship's. The natural, water born flesh remains sinful and evil, constantly fighting with our faith to hold us back. The supernatural, spirit born faith indwelt within us remains steadfast in it's desire to both celebrate and communicate with God.

Is this why Jesus later tells the woman at the well, that God seeks those who will worship Him in both "Spirit and Truth"?

God desires all of us, not just the spiritual half. The father seeks those who will worship Him with both halves of themselves. The spirit crying out, hands raised to the Almighty King and the flesh bowing down, will submitted to the Everlasting Father. We must worship God both actively and passively simultaneously."


I wrote that a few weeks ago as I was sitting listening to my audio bible at lunch. I had never tied the two ideas together before that time, but since then, I don't know how you could not see the two as related. First off, obviously, Jesus was talking to Nicodemus about salvation, but born in our salvation should be an insatiable, limitless desire to worship. But true worship, as Jesus tells the Samaritan woman in the very next chapter, is both as well.

Don't be so quick to see only the 'active' aspects of worship, like singing, praying, or giving, and miss out completely on the more 'passive' side. After all, worship should be placing Jesus Christ as the center of our lives with nothing else in contention. He is the sole focus of our lives. When we clutter our life with too many extra things, we either loose focus... or we loose fervor. I think this is why throughout the Word we see mighty men of God needing to be alone, separated from everything else, to truly get their mind, will, and emotions out of the way, and connect with The Creator.

What can you change in your life to be more worshipful. Not just listening to a CD or reading your Bible for five extra minutes, but a conscious choice to be both active and passive in worship.

Choose one active and one passive thing and try to do it every day for a week.

- Just a thought

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