Monday, November 24, 2008

Life in the Tank

A lot of times life can feel like we're just going through the motions. Living life in a static, unchanging environment, like a fish tank. We seem to swim back and forth, here and there, and always end up in the same place. Funny thing about the fish that live in fish tanks...

Did you know that fish will only grow to a certain size depending on the tank that they live in? Conversely, a fish will continue to grow as long as it has the room to do so.

I think we can react that same way to our life's situations. God intended all things to grow.
We are meant to grow, not just in age, height, weight, etc... but spiritually. God has made us to grow spiritually. So, the question must be asked, if we're not growing, why not?

I think there are some obstacles we can learn to avoid from our friend, the fish in the tank:

1. Not enough FOOD - To grow, every living organism needs food. We need nutrients. Whether it's the fish in the tank, the tree in the forest, or the baby in the crib, we all need to eat. But, we don't all eat the same things. We need to make sure that we are ingesting the true bread of life, the Word of God, and not trying to slim-fast our way around it. The Bible is the "miracle grow" for more than just your soul; It will help feed your character, relationships, family, and more.

2. Not enough ROOM
- Like the fish in the tank, often times in our life and the situations we find ourselves in will limit our growth. We need to keep a conscious eye on what we do, where we go, and who we are with. This will give the best image of what kind of tank you have put yourself in. Does your tank have the room for you to grow? Are there situations, people, or other obstacles in your life that are hindering your faith in Christ? You may simply not be growing because of your environment.

3. Not enough Support - To grow and become stronger, every living thing relies on something outside of itself. Tall trees find their support in the ground that their root structure is tied into. Likewise, we need to tie into some support structure for our growth. THERE ARE NO LONE RANGERS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD. We are all meant to work together. This also means supporting one another in growing our faith. What kind of support structure do you have in your life? Are you tied in with a church, bible study, or group of friends that are supporting your faith and growth?

Growth, whether it's physical or spiritual, is definitely not magical. It is the by product of health. Healthy things grow. With the right food, environment, and support, growth can be constant and consistent. With the wrong food, environment, or support, growth can be hurt or hindered.

- Just a thought