Friday, December 12, 2008

Ever found lint in your pee?

For those of you that don't know, I had to take Melanie to the hospital yesterday morning because she had a kidney stone. We went to the emergency room, got checked in, and saw the doctor. He told her she would need a urine test, blood test, and a Cat scan. So, Mel drinks her water, and pees in her cup, and brings it back to the nurse.

At this point, she mentions to the nurse... who by the way, was very funny and good, she just had a little trouble finding my wife's veins for the IV... that there's some lint in her pee. She puts it aside and gets the line in for Mel's IV. She then goes and looks at the sample and tells us that it wasn't lint, that was her kidney stone! So, they told her to drink less soda and tea, and sent her home.

Through this funny, and difficult time, I had a revelation that I would like to share with you... about the lint...

1. Just because you don't see it or recognize it, doesn't mean it won't hurt you.

Just because you don't see, or recognize that there are aspects of your life that are sinful, doesn't preclude you from the pain that those areas may cause. Satan doesn't have to wait for you to see him in order to try and harm you. Likewise, just because you may rationalize sin in your life to be OK, does not mean that it is.

2. When you want to know more, you have to ask someone who does.

I think it's funny how fast we will run to the doctor's office when we think we might be sick, or are in immediate pain, but we very rarely run to the pastor's office when we are in need of spiritual diagnosis. Somehow, we think, that we can fix it on our own, or that God will just make it OK, or it will go away on it's own. Why is it that we don't take our spiritual health as serious as we do our physical one?

3. There's usually a cure, or means of prevention.

Let's face it, being sick or in pain is usually cause by:

(a) taking in something that we shouldn't have, or too much of something

(b) not getting rid of something that we should be.

I don't think that one's very hard to see. All too often we look for a magical solution to our faith when the answer is quite simple. What's going in and what's going out? Are you taking in things that will help grow your faith, or challenges it? Are you letting go of things that hinder your faith, or are you holding on to them?

- Just a thought.


Melanie said...

Is that gonna be our secret code word for, I'm in sin...."I think I have lint in my pee?"

Crystal said...

I found some lint in my pee, Melanie and Bill, so I'm starting a new challenge. I'm actually writing about it on both my myspace blog and my P3 blog. I've challenged all my "myspace" friends to join me in "one year of positive statements." Every day for one year, I'm going to post (on myspace) at least one positive statement about Mark -- and I challenge everyone else to do the same with their spouses.