Monday, December 15, 2008

What's the big deal about Christmas?

I realize that it is the birth of the Savior, and it's 'our' holiday, but why do Christians get so upset about our holidays. I'm going to do a few different aspects on this topic throughout this week, seeing as we're about to be at Christmas.

Ok, for today, I'd like to take a look at the term "Xmas"

I know what you're thinking... "Xmas... really? That's what you want to talk about?" and the answer is yes. This is exactly what I want to talk about. I think the over mis-use of this term is abhorrent. I can't tell you how irritating it is when I hear someone say,

"Keep the Christ in Christmas" and they have a sign that says Xmas with a line through it.

Now, the person using the non-Christmas sign may indeed be trying to de-christian the holiday,


the reality is the correct pronunciation of Xmas is still 'Christmas'...

The Greek letter 'X' or 'chi' as its transliterated, is the first letting of 'Christos' or Christ. A capital X was a very common abbreviation for Christ in the early church. People don't pronounce "Mr.' as 'emm urr' do they? So, the mis-pronunciation of Xmas is what causes the problem.

Now, if you already knew that, than I know what you're going to say next...

"Well, that may be true, but that's not how they are using it." and that may be true. But, just because someone says it wrong, does that change the meaning of a word?

Tomato or Tomato? Isn't it still the same vegetable? (now, honestly, how many of you said it the same way twice the first time you read it?)

Whether it is because of our lack of intelligence, that we don't understand the real meaning of the term... or it is our ignorance to think that if someone doesn't say 'Christ' then they are dishonoring the Savior, I think we need to stop looking at everyone else, and start looking inwards...

Isn't Jesus big enough to stand up to the scrutiny of man? Hasn't He already? Then why do we feel the compulsion to run to His defense and fight with people. You can't ever really separate Jesus from Christmas. So, follow the example of our Lord and deal with people in humility and compassion, not judgement and misplaced passion.

"Keeping the Christ in Christmas is not a matter of letters or words, but of actions and impressions."

- Just a thought.


Melanie said...

Beautiful, babe. I loved it.

Mark Logan said...

right on bro. i find it hard to get over the fact that word "holiday" is a contraction of "holy-day!" so..Happy Hoildays or merry- xmas or whatever

Andy said...

Very well put.