Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Man Made Miracles

"God's sovereignty, plus man's responsibility,
equals miraculous activity."

God is all powerful, all knowing, all... everything. He is able to do miracles without us. He's God. But more often than not, He asks us to be a part, not because we cause the miracle in any way, but because we know the miracle is for our benefit. Whether it's because we need:

1. The object of the miracle - We need whatever the miracle is: healing, provision, or deliverance.

2. To see the miracle - We need to be brought to a point of: surrender, acceptance, or belief.

3. To be a part of the miracle - We need our faith strengthened by God using us.

Or sometimes, we may need all of the above. I do not mean to say that we, as mere men, can perform miracles on our own. But I am saying, look deeper into any time the Lord chooses to perform a miracle and you will see a human element at play.

What area do you feel you need to grow in the most?

That is more than likely the area that God wants to touch.

- Just a thought